Pomiary I dobór urzĄdzeń do kompensacji mocy biernej

We offer measurements and analyses associated with selecting reactive power compensation equipment, measurements and analyses of supply systems, overvoltage and overcurrent monitoring, as well as investigating causes behind equipment damage and defective operation. Many years of practical experience gained through conducting tests in several thousand plants, as well as the use of state-of-the-art class-A measuring instruments enable developing comprehensive assessments and expert opinions.

Various types of measurements and analyses are determined based on the needs. They primarily take into account the measurement period and its intervals. The division is as follows:

  1. INSTANTANEOUS – usually lasting approx. 0.5 to 1h, with the customer ensuring representative load or repeated load nature. It is mainly used for the selection of capacitor banks for predictable load types. The interval is usually 1 s.
  2. DAILY – a day-long measurement used as the basic type when selecting circuits for reducing overcompensation or in the case of a variable load type throughout the day. It is the most universal measurement type, that accurately reflects the range of loads over a typical working day. The most common interval is 30-60 s.
  3. WEEKEND – usually taken over at least 2 working days and 2 non-working days. Taken with high variability of the nature of the load impacting, e.g., reactive power compensation over a working day/non-working day period. The most common interval is 1-10 min.
  4. WEEKLY – taken over a period of at least 7 days. It provides a complete view of a week, additionally according to the EN PN 50-160 qualitative standard. The standard interval is 10 min.
  5. ELECTRICITY METER PROFILE – we provide services in terms of collecting register and profile data from electricity meters of leading manufacturers. They are often a supplement, and in some cases the main source of data for a comprehensive analysis of compensation system selection and consumption.
  6. OTHER – in abnormal situations we take other measurements, e.g., simultaneously in the bank and feeder lines, with measuring the current in conductor N, “searching” for events within the standard, however negatively impacting the network and consumers.

In order to draw conclusions and make recommendations, each measurement type requires defining the problem, selecting operating methodology, the type, quantity and execution location.  This requires technical information and data (electricity invoice, consumptions, information on the supply grid, tariff, etc.) that enable determining a correct operating methodology. In order to specify the above, we encourage you to contact us, send us your electricity bill and fill in the checklist attached on our website.

A report/analysis/expert opinion including a list of results, conclusions and recommendations is developed based on the taken measurements.



If a client provides us with measurement data in an appropriate format (recommended analyser source file or MS EXCEL numerical data), we provide a service of selecting a compensation system based on these values. The parameters and type of the selected system is presented in the technical and price bid.


In the event of submitting data as above (e.g., from own analyser or obtained electricity meter profiles), our company can assist in developing a report/audit. Our duties in this case are limited to develop a result analysis and select appropriate devices based on the obtained data. We do not accept any responsibility for the quality and correctness of such data or the measurement methodology.

In both cases, OLMEX KMB guarantees correct operation of the selected devices only in terms of the devices it manufactured, and for measurement data provided at their collection point.

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