MKPg power capacitors are intended for compensating inductive reactive power (improving the tgφ power factor) in industrial three-phase networks (for a voltage range of 230-800 V), under an assumption of balanced phase load.

Owing to applied materials and modern technology, MKPg capacitors exhibit compact dimensions, low active power losses, and high resistance to overvoltage and frequent network switching. 

In the event of a local breakdown, the dielectric self-regenerates. Capacitors are executed as three-phase delta-associated, can be equipped with flexible connection terminal covers and guarantee an ingress protection of IP44.

All capacitors are supplied together with discharge resistors that reduce voltage on terminals below 50V after 50 seconds.

Capacitors can be installed both directly by the consumers (individual compensation) and in manually or automatically controlled banks.

Besides capacitors, OLMEX KMB also offers capacitors for AC and harmonic filters to improve the tgφ power factor.


 In networks with devices that emit higher current and voltage harmonics, e.g., inverter-controlled motors, UPSs, the capacitors shall be protected using detuned reactors.

Together with the capacitor capacitance they form capacitor-protecting resonant circuits. 

Low losses on the reactors are achieved through special sheet metal and winding wire execution technologies. Both sheet metal and wires are vacuum-impregnated. This enables increased resistance of these materials to elevated voltage, hence improving reactor durability. 

When the circuit operating temperature exceeds 125 °C, the thermal switch installed in the reactor disconnects the circuit. A capacitor is matched to the parameters of the reactor it will be paired with.


LOVATO contactors of the BFK series are equipped with quick-release contacts that are aimed at very short-time resistor switching, limiting the capacitor switching current. The resistors are deactivated when the contactor closes and the current carrying capacity is transferred to main lines. Thermal relays are additionally use in the banks to switch reactor elements. When a thermal relay is connected with a contactor, relay auxiliary contacts connect with a contactor coil terminal via a fixed switch. This way, full thermal relay connection is achieved in one simple operation and does not require additional connections.

LOVATO thyristor modules – characterized by silent operation and capacitor switching at zero crossing, which guarantees fast switching and limits current peaks. Owing to built-in current transformers, a user can protect capacitor banks and control the measurements, such as capacitance, voltages, current, radiator and capacitor temperature, THD I, operating time, etc. DCTL series thyristor module can be controlled using semi-conductor outputs built-into a DCRG8F controller or via a RS485. The second connection type enables displaying the status and measured values for each DCTL module on the screen of a DCRG8F controller.


Electronic power factor controller automatically controls the operation of compensation systems in order to maintain the cosφ factor value at an appropriate level. Special signal processing algorithms, through optimizing the sequence and number of switched bank elements, quickly and precisely achieve the set power factor value.

Lovato DCRG series – Power factor controllers of the DCRG series satisfy the technical requirements of modern industrial electrical systems. They have been designed to meet the demands of most complex applications and have the option to expand their functionalities using EXP series modules. The devices are equipped with an optical port on the front panel that enables connection to a computer via a USB port for the purpose of programming the controller, diagnostics or data download.

Lovato DCRL series – Controller designed with advanced functions and in a compact housing. It combines a modern design, practical installation and the expansion possibilities using EXP modules. A backlit LCD graphic display ensures excellent visibility even in poor lighting conditions, and measured values are read in an intuitive and clear manner.

Elektromontex RMB – RMB controller automatically control the operation of capacitor banks. Signal processing algorithms accelerate achieving the preset power factor through optimizing the sequence and number of switched capacitor elements. The controller is effective even under most demanding industrial conditions and is resistant to most interference. The controllers exhibit an intuitive menu that facilitates operation and entering capacitor bank settings. As an option, the controllers can have contactless outputs with virtually unlimited durability associated with the number of switching cycles. Furthermore, they generate reduced interference levels since there is not sparking at output contacts.


Transformer idle run reactive power compensation, in short, is installing capacitive elements (capacitors) directly on secondary winding terminals, without any other protections. This eliminates the network loss constant component, which is independent from transformer load. To sum up, hundreds and sometimes thousands of individually compensated transformers enable limiting reactive power flow and active power losses, leading to a significant reduction in network losses and is economically reflected in the amount of purchased electricity. The MKPg series capacitors offered by OLMEX KMB exhibit very high technical parameters and are characterized by good quality parameters.
They are also completely harmless to the environment. After its service life is over, a capacitor can be scrapped directly, without the need for disposal. Nitrogen (N2), which is a component of air, was used as internal impregnation. The capacitors have been designed for installation in any position and in adverse weather conditions. They hold the highest temperature class B and unified housing size. Every capacitor has a power strip that a power cable is coupled to. They can optionally be equipped with a bracket to fix the capacitors to a transformer. Such capacitors have an ingress protection rating of IP44, which enables single-handed cable and terminal cover installation without any special tools.

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