Static Var Generator – SVG is a universal device, used both for inductive and capacitive reactive power compensation.

SVG enables compensating reactive power in each phase separately, owing to which it is widely used in industry and commercial facilities.
The versatility of the device enables a user to simultaneously eliminate fees associated with capacitive reactive power, as well as exceeding the required tg φ.
An SVG is able to reduce higher harmonics and remove load unbalance, thus improving the quality of electricity at the Consumer’s and limiting active power losses.

Additional advantages include stepless control with very short response times of approx. 20 ms.

Owing to the latest technology, the SVG exhibits very low internal dimensions relative to other compensation devices.

The main advantages of SVG include:

  • very fast and stepless inductive and capacitive reactive power compensation
  • higher harmonics filtration
  • independent operation in every phase
  • load balancing in 3-phase networks
  • flicker reduction


Available operating modes:

  1. Priority – reactive power compensation
  2. Priority – harmonic compensation
  3. Priority – asymmetry correction
  4. Only reactive power compensation
  5. Only harmonic compensation
  6. Only asymmetry correction


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